Psychology of Sport and Performance


Sports Psychology and Performance

"I can only control my own performance. If I do my best, then I can feel good at the end of the day."

Michael Phelps

Sports and Performance Psychology is dedicated to working to improve the performance or well-being of those who may need it. I work both online and on site (at the sports club or sports club facilities). I can also work on certain techniques in office or room.

Increasing importance is given to the role of the mind in the world of sport, studies or work.

Applications of Sports and Performance Psychology


Generation and support for the adherence of healthy habits


Improved performance and well-being (sports, academic, work,…)


Anxiety, loss of attention, stress, communication, goal achievement


Collective management for coaches, teachers, managers


Recovery from injuries


Improve relationships with colleagues, coaches, parents, teachers, superiors


Athlete's life cycle: Transitions and sports withdrawal, Burn-out.